About Pretty little Thing

From a young age I remember my Grandmother teaching me to sew on a singer sewing machine and we used to make things together.  I used to look forward to going to visit her so we could make something else , I would love having a rummage in her sewing box looking through the cottons, Buttons and scraps and seeing what I could make next. And from then on a desire to be creative was embedded.   

I started making cards as a child to give to my family at Christmas and Birthdays, and then I went on to making Jewellery and sewn items to give as presents, Ive always been busy with my hands creating something to use myself or give as as a gift to somebody.  Making things for people is really something i enjoy doing and especially when it is unique to them,  I also believe that to recieve a handmade present is a treasured gift.      

After finishing school I went onto do Art & Design and Photography  courses at college,  This has enriched my desire and helped fuel my passion for my handicrafts.  My family and friends have  complimented my work  over the years and I started to generate work by word of mouth, selling at craft fairs and by selling my products in local shops.  I have now grown this hobby into my business I call Pretty little thing.  

The showroom based in Spondon opened in 2013, Here I design and make Childrens clothing, Personalised Gifts, Frames and Homewares. The showroom offers lots of one off pieces that you wont find on here, due to fabric availability so its worth popping in to see what unique finds i have.


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